Monday, May 4, 2009

Potty Talk: Update

So, we found a little throne for Miss M. to sit her tiny tush on when Mama goes into the bathroom. It's quite fun. It's the Circo (Target brand) sort of 3-in-1 deal. It's a potty! It's a step stool! It's a training seat for the big potty! It's only $9.99 (I love that)!

The little "container" comes out like a drawer, for easy cleaning (right... sure...) and dumping. This blue center "seat" detaches and can go on the grown-up potty.

The lid goes down and Voila! Step stool, complete with grip.

The only feature we really use is the step stool part. Miss M. does like to sit on it and pretend, HOWEVER, she is no where near dealing with it for it's true purpose. Right now, it just keeps her busy while I'm doin' ma thang (whatever it may be) and maybe, way down the road she'll use it for something other than a place to hide toys in! But, shoot, she looks good on it!


  1. have to have it!!! which Target did you buy it at? not the eagle rock vortex of misery I assume?

  2. when I posted this comment, the secret word to type was "hookers." what's up with that?

  3. No, actually, it wasn't the Vortex of Misery. Ha! It was was the easy, breezy Pasadena one off of Colorado and Lake(?). Oh, and hookers and conscious mamas COMPLETELY go hand in hand! You didn't know?