Sunday, April 19, 2009

But Why?

Poor me. While I'm starting to collect cool friends with kids, I mostly still am surrounded by those who haven't (yet) spawned. And when you politely (again) decline a shot of Tequila, you're lame. But why? They whine. Because I have to wake up at 4am. But why? Because I have a toddler. But why? Because babies like to rise early. But why are you leaving so early? (11pm). Because like I said, I have to be alert and playful at 4am, or maybe 6-7am. But why? Because like I said... @#$%! See, adults without kids are really a lot like toddlers.


  1. hahahahaaa... thank you for posting this. makes me feel like less of a lame-ass when i have to bail. i wonder why people just don't get it? sometimes, they get really offended as if you think you're too cool to hang with them now that you have a kid... someday, maybe they'll understand.

  2. Thank God most of my friends are now moms. We start drinking our wine by 5, are done by 9, and everyone gets a good night's sleep. :)

    Don't worry...they'll get theirs. Oh, and by then, your kids will be old enough that you'll be sitting back with your margarita and laughing...