Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fruits of Our Love

This spring and summer, fresh, organic strawberries are ripe and red again! Little did I know that this book would touch my boy's heart and belly in such a delightful way. Fortunately, we had a cool batch of strawberries lounging in the kitchen when, at the closing of the book, he said: "Let us eat some strawberries to remember." This reading was in season, in synch, and instills some immeasurably profound values in our young ones: loving-kindness with words, generosity, and forgiveness. I hope you all enjoy this Cherokee story! Thanks to Joseph Bruchac for writing this book and to Mr. Michael for finding it! With Love, Mandala

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  1. Looking forward to reading it! I see you got the picture up. :) Okona is really growing up, I can't believe he was able to put that all together!