Monday, June 8, 2009

What's cookin' ?

Miss M's new play food cooked on her new stove, that's what! Yes, I made the stove and food. Yes, I might have too much time on my hands (although, it never feels that way). Now you know what I'm doing when I should be posting on the blog!

In anticipation of the awesome pots, pans, and cooking utensils that I knew were on the way from 2 of Miss M's grandmothers, I got inspired. Actually, it was when Maya walked into the room this morning with a toy tea pot offering me "coffee" that I got the food idea...

Anyway, for the stove (if you want to make one or just know how this one was made). It's a cardboard box, burners are images I found online, printed, cut out, and glued on the top. I cut an opening for the oven door and more cardboard for handle. Voila stove/oven! The play food is the same thing. Pictures glued onto cardboard. All the cardboard I got from my recycling bin. The whole deal (minus the pots and pans, which she LOVES) is all re-purposed (which I LOVE). Pretty simple and I got in touch with my inner child.

Honestly, nerdy as it was, I had fun. DORK, I know! Anymore crafty/re-purpose ideas for my and Maya's idle hands?