Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Kid's Herb Book

If nature's unfurling is still enticing you to join in the verdant growth, then consider Lesley Tierra's compilation: A Kid's Herb Book. Make some Lemon Zest Sun Tea (heated by the sun), Herbal Candy Drops, a Sun Bouquet, or a fragrant herbal pillow. The final chapter on our ecosystems and particulars for harvesting or gathering is very useful. We have used the more medicinal remedies in this book for ailments, and look forward to the more joyful, fun, and beautifully creative moments in this workbook. I don't think we will resist the Root Beer recipe any longer! With Love, Mandala

Fruits of Our Love

This spring and summer, fresh, organic strawberries are ripe and red again! Little did I know that this book would touch my boy's heart and belly in such a delightful way. Fortunately, we had a cool batch of strawberries lounging in the kitchen when, at the closing of the book, he said: "Let us eat some strawberries to remember." This reading was in season, in synch, and instills some immeasurably profound values in our young ones: loving-kindness with words, generosity, and forgiveness. I hope you all enjoy this Cherokee story! Thanks to Joseph Bruchac for writing this book and to Mr. Michael for finding it! With Love, Mandala

Monday, May 4, 2009

Summertime... and the living is easy?

As the weather begins to warm up, and we enjoy more and more daylight and sweet breezes in our backyard I'm realizing... I stink. Yes, I'm already sweating in the afternoon sun that floods our backyard. Miss M is sticky with dirt and mud already and it's not even 80 degrees!

She doesn't seem to mind, but I see that we can NOT spend the ENTIRE summer in this yard. Sure, some of it, but I gotta give the kid a little more. That, and people are probably going to think we have gophers from all the little digging holes.

So, I've got some ideas about what to do this summer. I can sweat other places (and Maya can get dirty other places) like farms where we can pick berries, the beach, the pool, the botanic gardens. I can keep cool in the museums (and Maya can get dirty there too!), libraries, music class, aquariums, the beach and pool again! And I try interesting and new things like movies in an old Hollywood cemetery complete with a picnic of good food, wine, my little family and friends (I think Maya can get dirty doing this as well!).

We don't have any exotic getaways planned this summer, maybe a trip back east to see family, but I have a feeling that it'll be a great summer. Hopefully, some really beautiful memories will be made.

What are some of the ways you and your babes and family will take in the Summertime? I'd love some more ideas. Summertime with a child/children is not exactly easy (or clean), but it already seems like a lot of fun!

Potty Talk: Update

So, we found a little throne for Miss M. to sit her tiny tush on when Mama goes into the bathroom. It's quite fun. It's the Circo (Target brand) sort of 3-in-1 deal. It's a potty! It's a step stool! It's a training seat for the big potty! It's only $9.99 (I love that)!

The little "container" comes out like a drawer, for easy cleaning (right... sure...) and dumping. This blue center "seat" detaches and can go on the grown-up potty.

The lid goes down and Voila! Step stool, complete with grip.

The only feature we really use is the step stool part. Miss M. does like to sit on it and pretend, HOWEVER, she is no where near dealing with it for it's true purpose. Right now, it just keeps her busy while I'm doin' ma thang (whatever it may be) and maybe, way down the road she'll use it for something other than a place to hide toys in! But, shoot, she looks good on it!