Monday, March 30, 2009

Mama! What's for dinner?

Really. I feel as though I'm making the same things over again. Sometimes, it's the same ingredients, just put together in a different way. Maya can be a picky eater at times. She goes through cycles; she hates cheese, she likes cheese (but just one kind).

If you have one of these at home or even if your little one has no fear all kinds of cheeses, please share your quickest, easiest, and healthy meal ideas. I am desperate! I wince when I'm asked that dreaded question... What's for dinner?


  1. loooove the picture you chose for the blog!

  2. I agree... same ingredients, different format. Sometimes that's all it takes for me to get excited about it, though.
    I've been making a lot of pasta dishes. I mix in can of tuna or chicken and some veggies. Just adding shredded parm or cheddar and changing up the veggies or changing from canned tuna/chicken to a boca burger or boca chicken patty will make Sloane think it's a completely new meal.
    Also, grilled salmon and roased cauliflower mixed into rice or pasta is a new fave.
    All really quick too!
    Hope this helps.

  3. When all else fails, I make soup. I usually make the milk-based kind & throw in finely chopped veggies, rice & meat.

  4. we discovered that helen really likes japanese food, especially salmon teriyaki. i tried making it at home, and it was a hit (at least for the time being). i bought some kikkoman teriyaki marinade from whole foods and marinated the filet in it for about 15 minutes. then brushed the filet with some melted butter and broiled it in the oven. i put a little of the teriyaki sauce over the cooked salmon and fed it to her with some japanese rice. very quick and yummy.